Need new boot tips

Been wearing my new motox boots on my bike and walking around for about a week now, any tips on getting them so I can shift better and soften them up. I heard someone saying stand in a tub of hot soapy water about 6-7 inches deep for a few minutes and take a walk in warm weather.


I'd be careful about softening them up, soft leather doesn't give the same impact protection hard. If you want to soften them up, hubbards boot oil works good, I use a light coat on my MX boot occasionally, put more on my work boots and they are soft and comfy

You might can adjust your shifter and leave your boots stiff. Hockey skates we sometimes put in the oven then put them on and let them mold to the foot. Also, if the side of your foot in the mx boots are hurting, put an extra sole (from any shoe/boot) under the old one and see if it lifts your foot just right.

Coming off an Honda, I notice the KTM shifter adjustments are not as fine, one notch is too much, might have to look into aftermarket shifters, a little shorter would be nice.


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