Friday, 11:30am... cant wait to ride!!!

anybody else DYING for the day to end so they can ride??

im going #@$()#$&* insane!!!

i need to hit the trails!!!!!


I know the feeling. Just had one test at school, 2 more to go and finals next week. I need to blow off some steam! riding tomorrow and after finals, hangtown!

I'm with ya. But I can't even ride 'til tommorow. It's gonna be a good one though...

screw it! it is BEAUTIFUL outside! sun is shining! warm weather... i was planning a trip for tomorrow, but im gonna go bang some trails tonight!!!! lol

We are getting rain all weekend. So, I guess I'll just booze it up? lol

Watch out man remember todays friday the 13th

I dont think the rain will amount to much. We are going to hit a MX track for the first time. Its supposed to have a pretty good layout.

My son is coming up from Tenn. and it will be only the second time we have been able to ride together. Im STOKED.

no doubt man! my kid is only 3, so i gotta wait a bit before i can really ride with him...

but yaaaa!! it is gonna be a sick weekend!!! trails trails trails!!!!!!!

Hey, nothing wrong with riding in the rain, there's less dust! Although the downhill clay parts suck. I havent ridden much besides hollister hills for awhile so it'll be a nice break!

im not scared of the rain... let it poor! lol

I'm in the same boat, as soon as I walk out the door I am riding over to Daytona with my uncle for Jeep Beach 2011. Should be fun.

3 hrs left at work...

still nobody to ride with :'(

I wish I could ride!

I am getting a new piston, intake valves, timing chain and a pipe installed. Not riding this weekend.

I cant wait to get out and ride this weekend. Have to wait until sunday tho. work all day today, til 2 tomorrow and ZZ Top tomorrow night! then ride all day sunday!!

Watch out man remember todays friday the 13th

Oh, no drinking tonight. I graduate college tomorrow morning. I want to look half-ass decent for my folks. :thumbsup:

1hr 13 mins and counting...

FML this day will never end

i hav to wait to wait till next weekend to hit the trails!!!!! im DYING TO GO , just changed the oil today and started her up for the first time since febuary :thumbsup:

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