2004 yz250f Clutch

I've been working on a buddys bike, and the clutch does not work at all, hasnt worked good since we got the bike used.... I have gone through the searches, replaced everything except the hub and basket, both those look good, no notches no scratches. When I have the cover off I can see the plates seperateing and I can spin the inner hub seperate from the basket. I have the clutch adjusted so you bottom out the clutch before the lever hits the bars.... I am getting very frustrated and need some help...

I have searched and tried leaning the bike over on start up and pumping the clutch... No change. I put fresh oil in and added 1/2 of it pouring it onto the clutch itself and then tipped the bike to the right and let it sit for a few hours.... no change.... I use amsoil 0-40w Powersport oil.


I can't tell what is not working from your description. Does it drag or not release at all, or is it not engaging and pulling the bikel????

You squeze the handle, and no change.... To get the bike in gear I get it rolling and drop it into gear....

I'm confused. With the side cover off, you can separate the fibers and the steels and it will spin separate from the tranny, but you can't put it into gear. That sounds like one or more of the fibers is welded to a steel.

Pull it back appart and put it on a stand. Put the tranny into gear, any gear, and spin the rear wheel. With the pressure plate out, the rear wheel should spin the inner clutch hub and the outer basket should not spin since it is geared to the motor. If it still is connected to the engine, then fibers are stuck to steels, pull them appart and inspect and report back.

Its tough to explain, maybe tomorrow I will take vid of what its doing... I know the plates aren't fused together, they are newish (1 ride on them) and I had them all out this week. Plates were installed properly and soaked in oil for plenty of time, actually got soaked with oil twice. Got sick of trying things so went out for a drink and havnt touched it since.... Will update tomorrow.

it may seem dumb, but have you got a broken clutch caBLE? try replacing it

Brand new. The past week I have put $200 replacing everything in the clutch except the basket, hub, and pressure plate.

Got it figured out.... the center of the presure plate was warped so it wasnt pushing right, it would push open on one side but squeze and bind on the other.

I think that's the oddest things I've ever heard of happening on a clutch, but it is what it is. Good catch Snow!!

only way i caught it was by playing with the spring depth, it would work fine when the springs wernt tightened all the way, as soon as they were all seated, wouldn't work, so i snugged them all, then pulled them all one turn out and spun the clutch and thats when i seen then plate was pushing funny.

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