Opions on 05 RM 250

I just bought a 05 RM 250. This is the newest bike I have ever owned! Just wondering what you guys think of the 05 model year? I have never had a suzuki motocross bike before. I rode it around and seemed to like it, but no track time or any hard riding yet.

I have one and love it. Mine is set up for the woods and I have never taken it to the track, but it handles great, loads of power, and runs like a champ. I doubt you will be disappointed with it.

love mine, best 250 Ive ever riden, I've ridden track and trails (mainly track) its a great bike handles great, power is great, suspension is great, rode an 08 yz and would pick my bike over it any day of the week

Good to hear boy's! It was rarley ridden, and sports tehoriginal tires still. I am not a racer so the stock suspension will be perfect for me. Thanks for your imput!:thumbsup:

I have modified mine extensively and by far the best mod was just changing out the springs. I'm 220 and the spring change made a night and day difference in how the bike handles. Second best mod so far was the addition of a promoto billet kickstand. The stand is top notch in fit, finish and install.

What size springs did you choose? I am 215 pounds so close to you as well. Did you do front and rear?

I used the racetech calculator.


Riding Type: Desert / Enduro / Trail

Age: Standard Age - Up to 44

Skill Level: Dirt Amateur

Height: Standard Height

Gas Tank: Oversize Gas Tank


Recommended Fork Spring Rate: 0.508 kg/mm (use closest available)

Stock Fork Spring Rate: 0.43 kg/mm(stock)


Recommended Shock Spring Rate: 5.48 kg/mm (use closest available)

Stock Shock Spring Rate: 5.2 kg/mm (stock)

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Added rates.

You went from a .43 front fork spring to a .50 spring ????

Seems extreme to me. I have a 5.4 rear...and .46 for the front springs...still not happy with it.....probably need shim stacks adjusted.


Yes. Since the bike is sprung for someone weighing around 165 pounds and my weight/extra fuel add over 60 pounds. It seems to work very well.

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