Dr Mark? Broke my collarbone with my Leatt.. thinking about an Alpinestars

Sooo, had my first clavicle fracture yesterday.. got lucky and I don't need surgery. I'm thinking there's a good chance my leatt did it. I talked to my dad and he's willing to help me pay for an Alpinestars brace if it's really less likely to break my collarbone again, and will still protect my neck.. I guess I'm just curious mainly to Dr Mark, if you think it'd be worth switching or if it was just a freak thing and to keep rocking the leatt.. thanks

I am not familiar with the Alpinestar neck brace. I think that they all put the clavicle at risk.

A fracture clavicle is way better than a liftime in an electric wheelchair and a tube in yor pecker.

Was it adjusted right? Its supposed to be pretty far from your collar bone.

the alpine better for your collar bone but not for your neck and not as comfortable either. i recomend the leatt

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