Oops! Help please.

Respringing the tank. Got the forks done fine, moved on to the rear.

Taking off the spring from the shock, I allowed the center shaft, a small one inside the main shaft to come out and break the seal... Exploding fork oil on me! Now I got the little shaft back in quite quickly but allowed maybe 50ml of oil out of the rear shock.

Should I reassemble? I'm in over my head here. Do I need a recharge now? Do I need more oil? Plaese advise. I really want to go for a ride tomorrow.

Yes. You need to breakdown and refill, and get a recharge. The pressures and oil quantities are very sensitive. I found a shop that did my rear shocks on my other bikes for $115 USD

sounds to me like you'll need it re-charged and re-filled-good chance to adjust oil viscosity to match spring weight:). Have never had mine apart like that though. To take the spring off, back off the pre-load collar all the way, slide the spring retainer collar up, remove the circlip and slide off the collars and spring-there is a how-to on here somewhere.

After the mistake I found the circlip. It really looked like one piece to me. Oh well, a local will fix it for $100CAD. Doesnt look like I'll be riding this weekend. Thanks for the help.

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