7yo from CRF50 to ?.....

OK, I am sure this has been asked time and time again on this forum- but I can't find exactly what I am looking for. Here's the deal:

Son is 7 1/2, weighs 80lbs (future linebacker), 4' 4" tall with about a 23" inseam. He is dwarfing his little CRF50 and it's to the point where it isn't safe. He rides it hard, but has never really gotten the shifting thing down- usually just leaves it in 2nd and revs the crap out of it. He has been riding this bike since he was 3yo.

I want something that will last the next 2 years. We ride everything- tracks, trails in Northern CA. Green sticker is a huge plus so we can improve his riding during the "off season" at the local state parks. The problem is that I believe this will limit him to heavy, poor performing, trail bikes instead of a performance bike like a KTM 2 stroke.

He is not ready for a clutch yet- so this needs to be factored in...

Any thoughts, input, or feedback is appreciated.

my son will be 8 on 6/6/11. His first bike was a Suzuki DRZ 70. Same size at the crf 50 just different motor.

I just went through the same thing. He is 4'6" tall and weights 70#. I bought him a KX65 and he figured the clutch out in 10 minutes. Don't avoid the clutch bikes; embrace them and teach him early.

For the most part my son starts in 1st then shifts to 2nd and then leaves it there anyhow. if he gets into a really open field he will try to get up to 4th..but i have told him he doesn't need much more than 2nd or 3rd for the riding we do.

We ride mostly trails and the occasional track day for fun!

Have you thought about modified suspension??

We also have a 7 1/2 year old boy (about 25 pounds lighter than yours). We just bought him a KX65. Clutch not an issue with him.

They learn fast.

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Good feeback on the clutch thing- maybe it's time....

Based on his size, I think your choices are:

CRF70F (clutchless trail bike)

CRF80F (5 speed trail bike)

TTR110 (clutchless trail bike)

KLX110 (clutchless trail bike)

or the 65cc two strokes (KX65, RM65, ktm 65)

I dont think he is big enough for the 85cc two strokes or the Honda 150R...but he might be once he gets to about 4"10" and taller.

if you want to get him to a bike with good suspension, it's time to learn the clutch. From what I hear, it's probably better to learn on a 65 two stroke than a 85 two stroke.

My ten year old learned clutching and shifting on the CRF80F/XR80. Just moved to a YZ85 at age 12. He is 5' 0" and about 90 lbs..

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