Torque Wrench

Would like to buy a torque wrench for general work on my bike. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Yes, get a torque wrench, as for type, no suggestions.


there have been a lot of threads on this and you will get quite a variety of answers. personally i think you need 2, a 1/4" for the small stuff, and a 3/8" for the larger stuff. even a 3rd for the axle nut. i use all 3. but in my opinion, i would get a 1/4" first as the fasteners you will use it on are he easiest to strip. just my 2 cents.

Where do you get a craftsman wrench calibrated?

Several places advertising on the net. This one for example..

I have a Craftsman exactly like CamP's. Love that thing, use it all over the KDX and the Busa. Got a 1/2" drive for axle nuts, steering stem bolts, working on the truck, etc..

It'd surprise me if there wasn't a lab somewhere locally that could at least verify, if not cal, a torque wrench. It's not hard to do, but you do need the equipment. If you keep an eye out on craigslist/ebay, you can find digital torque testers for a few hundred bucks. (that's how we bought the two we have at work.)

I'd look for businesses that do mechanical assembly... aircraft mechanics (regional airports), aerospace, and electronics facilities will all probably have one, or know where you can go to get one cal'd. Might even check with your local dealer. We send our torque calibrators (and a lot of our other reference standards) out for cal to lockheed martin's metrology lab about 15min drive from the office, then cal all our torque drivers off those reference standards and maintain traceability through that.

Or just get a job in a cal lab, where you've got access to precision measurement instruments :thumbsup:

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