The Search is Over and the Build Begins

After a much longer than planned search phase looking at WR's, KLX's, Husky's, and DRZ's I pulled the trigger on a 2006 WR450 a couple days ago. At under 300 miles she's barely broken in and bone stock including the gray wire still intact.


Plans for the bike include radiator guards, hand guards, skid plate, JD jetting, AIS removal, and of course the free mods. I also plan to plate it which is fairly simple in Colorado.

After doing my basic research for selecting a particular bike the really detailed reading begins.

Thanks for all the help past and yet to come!

Welcome. Good looking bike.:thumbsup:

Looks just like how I found mine! Lots of great people, and information on here! You & your bike will do well.

Open up the airbox

Open up the muffler

And jet accordingly!


'06 WR 450F.jpg

Nice find..

Clean! Bet your stoked!

Great looking '06! Bought mine new in '06. Done quite a few mods. If I had it to do over I would have spent money on the suspension first. My advice - call Dave J @ Smart Performance and have him whip up a Phase 4 kit front and rear for you. Best single thing I did for mine. Congrats on your excellent purchase.:thumbsup:

Nice! I found a low mileage 06WR450 last year and did the same mods, plated it, case saver, rear spring, yamalink and fork bleeders. next is sending the front suspension out locally here in the denver area. Stillwell most likely if they work on Yamaha stuff.

Yeah, nice bike. Do the stuff you said plus a pipe. The pipe really woke mine up.

i frankensteined only problem is hanging on...look in my garage...

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