Help with XR600 fork tork values...

I am putting XR600 forks on my DR650...slide right in except for needing to get caliper mod for mounting plate.

Can anyone tell me the tork poundage setting for the front axle and the 4 nuts that fasten it down.

Thanks so much for you help.:thumbsup:

You don't need any Torque settings for them,,they are piddly little bolts. Do up the top two first then the bottom till just past tight with a spanner or socket..

Here's the torques for the nuts anyway,,12 N-m (1.2 kg-m,9 ft-lb)

Axles,,65 N-m (6.5 kg-m, 47 ft-lb)..again I've never bothered with a torque wrench on it on any bike I've ever owned.,,Feel is what it's about.

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