What head gasket for 444 big bore?

Seems my bike has blown a head gasket. It keeps loosing coolant and when I was kicking it over slowly I could see bubbles in my rad, I also noticed last ride it was smoking a bit. What's the best head gasket to run with a 444cc bore kit? The bike is a 00' yz426 with stage 1 hotcams.

The supplier of the kit should provide a correct gasket.

Your only choices are Cometic and Wiseco. They look about the same. I think Cometic is a bit cheaper, and more readily available. Luke's racing usually has the Cometic parts in stock, and has about the best price on them. I would suggest doing a leak down test to verify before you pull it apart.

The supplier of the kit should provide a correct gasket.

I don't know who did the kit because I bought the engine with the bore kit and hotcams and hinson clutch. One side of the cylinder has baldwin engraved and then there is a hotcams sticker on the other side.

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