Problems starting 76 tt500

Hi Ive had a tt500 for about 3 years now. I remember starting it awhile back and it didn't run like a top but it was alive. I recently replaced the oil,oil filter and cleaned the carb. Today i tried starting her and she fired once then died and i cant seam to get it started. any help or suggestions? Thanks

First you need to determine if the problem is spark or fuel. Easiest way to do that is a handy can of starting fluid. A squirt of that in the airbox or carb should tell you if you are getting spark and you are getting it at the right time. If you get nothing, then you need to start with the plug, then check out the points (or cdi). If it tries to start, then you need to look at fuel. Check that the carb is getting fuel, then fully disassemble it and clean all passages.

Of course there could be other mechanical failures such as a broken timing chain or hung valve. But if those were the case, you would notice a difference just trying to kick it over.

I have checked for spark and i have a spark but I'm not sure how to check to see if the spark is on time. Ill have to buy some starting fluid and report how that turns out. In the mean time i have noticed a few times recently when i kicked it over, it will hold compression perfect and then a few kicks later lose it and regain it again. Can this indicate a hung valve? if some one can show me how to do any needed checks I'm willing to learn. thanks :thumbsup:

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