GoPro chesty...(video)

I didn't make that up, that's what it's actually called.

Anyway, I got a GoPro a couple of weeks ago, and finally ordered a head mount along with a chest mount.

Only thing that I don't think I'd like is when I stand up at the 1:10 mark. I thought I'd see how it would look when I am on the trails, standing most of the time. You end up looking at the front tire. Of course I literally pulled the mount out of the box and put it on. Maybe making some adjustments would look better.

What do you guys think?

the chest mount perspective looked pretty decent, ive been toying with doing that while im on my dirtbike. you dont get a sense of the speed with the camera mounted on top of the helmet.

I like the helmet or bike mount set-up. But you do have a nice pro taper pad..

Chest level does obscure your view a bit.

I agree....I'll mess with it more this weekend. I think if I can get it a few inches higher, that'll really help.

I prefer the chest mount over the side of the helmet mount that just cuts things off, or the top of the helmet that makes everything look straight, simple, smooth and slow. The chest mount shows just how hard the rider is actually working the bike, how rough things are, how much the bike is moving around, etc. It may obscure a bit (you can move the mount up toward the top of your chest and it will help) but it doesn't turn it into a dull stabilized shot.

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