KYB broken parts.. what are my options

When fully disassembling my forks i took the reservoir piston assembly out the plastic piece on both forks were crack/busted. :confused:

What are my options, who makes the best replacement piece for this? :thumbsup:

I would like something possibly aluminum to ensure this doesnt happen again.

Also what may cause a problem like this? :worthy:

never mind i did some google research and found the problem.

but i would still like to know all of my options on replacing these parts?

I know i could just order a replacement, but i wanna know what the aftermarket offers

and yes i have seen the race tech stuff, anymore additions?

Couple of places like Smart Performance sell a metal alternative.

Smart performance.. that's davej right, never dealt directly with him but have heard nothing but positives about him.. have to send an email.

Any other company's make a fix for this?

You broke your free piston(s), either get aftermarket ones - the only place I know of is from Smart Performance (Dave J) or if you get stock ones perform this mod and it won't happen again :

There are plenty of sources for both the stock plastic ones, as well as the aluminum ones. I use the plastic ones, with the o-ring closest to the fork cap removed. That is instead of the drilling mod, which has been recommended by KYB techs.

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