250R exhaust vs 250x stock + 2R Racing Tip

I completed the airbox mod and rejetted the carb. I wanted to do something with the exhaust and was reading here on TT that installing a 250R exhaust + PMB does wonders w/o the expense of an aftermarket silencer.

Today I came across a few posts about a 2R Racing tip and have to say I'm intrigued! Looking into the 250R route, I can get one local for about 100$ including the header but its another $100+ for a PMB and I'm not even sure if that comes with a spark arrestor or not.

The 2R Racing would be $50. How does the 2R perform do you think compared to going the 250R route? I ride mostly trails and am on the throttle bottom to mid end (hardly at all in the top end).

Recommendations? Comments?

Would I have to rejet if I went with the 2R route? I just rejetted from stock to 155 main + 42 pilot and moved the clip to 5 down position (haven't tested it yet).

i dont knkow about rejetting for the full R exhaust but i do know the R header will take away some of your bottom end

The 2R racing tip does look intriguing but I fail to to see how it can flow better than the stock 250X silencer with the defuser removed. I have a noticeable power increase over the X silencer with the defuser removed compared to my stock 250R silencer with the PMB spark arrester. as far as price goes, I got really lucky in that I bought my exhaust off of ebay for $50. It came with both the header and the silencer and the silencer already had the PMB end cap with spark arrestor installed. It is the old style end cap that used to retail for about $30.

I hear ya... found a 250R exhaust for $75 w/ the header although the PMB cap is $120!! Still cheaper than an aftermarket exhaust although..

the 2r racing cap does look interesting but like you I don't see how it flows any better than the 250X stock w/ the diffuser removed. if anything I say its really only there to put the spark arrestor on there w/ the diffuser removed.

I don't know anything about the 2R Racing Tip, but I've had the 05 R exhaust on my bike for some time now. Yes, you need to rejet as the R silencer flows better than the X silencer. The R header is more for top end, so you may lose a little low end. Also, in my opinion the biggest benefit of the R silencer is it's about 3lbs lighter than the X silencer. So not only will you gain some power your bike will be lighter.

I agree you lose some bottom end but it seems to more than make up for it on the top end. Swap in an R cam and never look back. The bike has more power everywhere even though it does like to be reved now.

The 2 R tip flows WAAAAY more than the stock exhaust with the baffle removed. I think it's worth you trying to save a couple hundred bucks. If you don't like it someone will gladly by it from you. jetting depends on your elevation but yes you will have to rejet.

yeah buy it and dont like it and then sell it to me for like 30$ lololololjkjkjkjkjk...kinda jk

$47 no tax no shipping. How can you go wrong! Your friends will be buying them too.

yeah just got a new job,my wife lost hers and we had some stuff come up that we had to hit up the savings account for so im not aloud to buy anything that is not life or death,plus ive been braging about how good my bikes running so not a chance in hell im getting that tip right now,though my birthday was last week so if any TTs want to send me a late present that tip would be great loljk

:cheers:Maybe we could take up a collection? I'll pitch in a couple bucks!

hehehehe awww ty diamond dg,my wife just read most of this and laughed

Did she offer you the money? Lol:lol:

ahhh no she did not,she actually said"damn right your not spending any more money on your bike right now"lol...maybe for fathers day lol

Well the point just to slap on an exhaust that is 3lbs lighter sounds worth it to me... and it'll be about $190 to put together the R exhaust w/ the PMB. I'd love to get a FMF Q4 but they're running $325!!

I've got a brand new 2R tip I'D sell cheap to the lower 48. Too loud for my taste. :smirk:

PM me ..

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