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TW 200 or Super Sherpa ?

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I am new here and I have a dilema. I have a Honda Magna 2000 (V4, 750 cc, nice balance of comfort and power). I want to get another bike (used) to have fun in the trails, in the woods, etc. I have already owned 2 KLR 650; I loved these bikes but they are too big and heavy for what I want to do

I have been reading extensively on many smaller DS bikes and my choices came down to the Yamaha TW 200 and Kawasaki Super Sherpa. There is a 2007 model of each available in my area at OK prices. But I was not able to choose between the 2. Any outside suggestion would be very much appreciated. Here's where I stand right now:

TW 200

- I love the big fat tires

- still on sale today

- smaller engine

- good choice of aftermarket parts to customize

- proven reliable design

- smaller gas tank

- slightly better fuel economy

- lower top speed

Super Sherpa

- More powerful engine (28 hp vs 16)

- 6 speeds

- more suspension travel

- not sold anymore and probably lower availability of parts ?

- Kawasaki quality

- I like the larger high front fender (2007 model)

- more high tech in general


My reason prefers the Super Sherpa for its specs but my "heart" is attracted to the TW for its big tires. I feel that one or the other would do the job just fine but I want to make sure I have considered all the options. So like I said, any advice and suggestion will be welcome.

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

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I love my TW200.

Perfect for an old fart like me for slow trails. Like a mule vs. a stallion compared to the YZ's I used to ride!

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I'm in the same boat you are....only I added the Honda 230L to the list as a third option.Agreed about the "drawing" to of the tw200.The tw has 2 filter's for the oil....one pleated filter with a screen in it and another screen in the oil drain area...no side covers to take off and then buy gaskets etc, , hmmmm?.

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Hi all.

I finally went with the Super Sherpa. Both bikes were 2007, SS had 8 000 km while the TW had 5 000 km; there was only 100 $ difference (2 800 $ for the TW and 2 900 for the SS).

So far I have riden it for about a week. I have been suprised by the power of the little engine when I open up the throttle. I rode in a trail near where I live and had a lot of fun doing it.

What I liked better about the SS:

- a bit more power (250 cc vs 200)

- 6-speed transmission (vs 5)

- more advanced engine (4 valves vs 2)

- disc brakes front and rear

- stainless steel exhaust line

- slightly longer suspension travel

- higher top speed

- more choices for the tires

- I felt it to be a more versatile bike than the TW.

So far I don't regret my choice. My only regret is crossing the road of a girl on Monday last week; she was driving her car without looking at the road (I believe she was looking at her cell phone :lol:). To make it short, she turned left while looking right and into my lane and "gently" squeezed my left leg between the bike and her car (I had just pulled from a stop). Result: a nice slash on the calf (5 stitches) and a few broken parts on the bike. Nothing serious, just a BIG annoyance. Now I have to wait for the insurance to evaluate the repair costs. I hope it won't take to long, I hitch to get back on the little Sherpa :ride:

Thanks for the advice and ride safe !

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Sorry to hear about you getting hit. I think you made the right choice in bikes and hope you get it all worked out with the insurance company. "Gently" hit by a car on a bike = OUCH! Heal up quick.

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I've had both. I am a somewhat novice rider, started riding two years ago at age 55. The TW was a great, forgiving beginner bike. Sort of the motorcycle equivalent of a farm tractor. But I soon wanted a bit more speed and refinement. Bought a Super Sherpa and have not regretted it at all. Good power/speed. Very comfortable, if a bit short. Light weight and tossable. But if you value slow and rugged over refinement, the TW is a good choice.

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