Yz250f keep stripping bolts when installing shock

Hey guys,

I have an 09 yz250f. I recently replaced the shock seal on it. Whenever I went to put the shock back on the bike, I stripped the bolt that connects the shock to the linkage. It was supposed to be torqued to 38 lb-ft. I bought a new nut and bolt and went to install it again, this time I set the torque wrench to 30 lb-ft. It stripped again! Any tips, or is this just bad luck.

Time to calibrate your wrench.

Thats what I thought, it's a brand new craftsman though. I was hoping this was a common problem and it was a misprint in the yamaha owner's manual. Maybe the wrench was messed up from the factory.

How do you calibrate a torque wrench?

Take it back to Sears. They can send it out. I generally don't torque those bolts. Hand tight seemed to always do it for me but evryones experience is different.

Just as a quick test to see if the torque wrench is working at all -- On it's lightest setting, apply it to a fairly large bolt that is already tight. If it is set to 10-20 ft/lbs and it still tries to further tighten the bolt, then it's not right.

Another possibility... if it's a "click" type wrench, and 30-40 pounds is at the low end of its range, the "click" can be almost impossible to hear or feel. That's one of the reasons I quit using that style wrench. I much prefer the "dial" type torque wrench.

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