bigger tank, what are my options?

I've got a 2002 cr250 and would like to carry more fuel, a lot more. I'm aware of the 3.1 gallon IMS tank and the 3.2 gallon Clarke tank, but are there any other players in the game? As far as I've found, Acerbis and Safari/Aqualine don't offer anything. I'd like 5 gallons if at all possible but so far it looks like my best bet is the clarke with an Acerbis .8gallon number plate tank (the 1.3G is way too bulky.) I'm not interested in carrying anything in my backpack or fender bag and am looking for something that will mount to the bike. Does anyone know of a side panel tank (similar to this: ) that fits, or any other options that won't get in the way of riding?

I was interested in something like this a while back too. Please post if you find anything. That fender-tank looks like a pretty awesome idea!

What about those Jerry Can Bladders on that same site? I wonder if one of those could be modded to attach to the bike somewhere? Just don't wreck... :confused::thumbsup:

I had thought about that before, but after carrying MSR bottles and 1gallon cans on the back of my dual sport, I decided that for heavy offroad use, something solid (both in structural integrity and mounting) is a much better/safer/more convenient approach.

On a similar note, were you aware that the material of the bladder in a camelback is resistant to gasoline? Hey, I had to try!

the thought of having a 5 gallon tank filled to the brim just sounds terrible.

anyways, im not much help, as the only tanks ive seen are the ones youve mentioned.

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