150sx cylinder help?!

A few days ago the bike blew up due to improper lubrication. The cylinder was damaged and I need to know if the cylinders are boreable or if they have a coating that doesn't alow you to bore it. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Most cylinders are nikasil plated now a days, so you can bore it and have it replated, or you can have it sleeved, then when it wears out you can just have it bored and honed again. I personally would just have it replated, if you keep fresh pistons in it nikasil will last a long time, and a plated cylinder from what I hear makes more power and has better wear propertys than a sleeved cylinder because the nikasil is harder then the steel liner and smoother. Technically the answer your question is yes and yes. If it didnt gouge the cylinnder to bad then you just need it replated and you wont have to have it bored and then replated. Hope this helps.

contact millenium they do 1st class work on replates, even if gouged. call em up. they may even have you send a piston to get the exact measurement for the bore...

i have a 150sx btw, awesome bike!

is the piston just smeared on the walls or does the wall have a gouge ? can probly just clean the alum off the walls and put in new piston. if theres gouges you may need a replate and even welding if their deep. have a competant bike mechanic check it out before blowing cash on unneeded procedures.

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