2008 to 2006 450 engine swap?

Bought a 08 with a grenaded pile of shrapnel the previous owner called an engine. Instead of rebuilding I found an 06 engine with low hours for a reasonable price. I know fitment is not an issue but what about electronic hookups? I know the magneto is different so I have a suspicion I might need the 06 cdi as well. Need some hard facts and technical info on if this it a drop in replacement or if other items are needed?

u know that the 06 is only a 4 speed right?

Already considered. If this swap is easy enough I will put the 08 5 speed into the 06 engine. There is just such a huge price difference in what the 08 & 06 engines are going for

The 08 trans will not fit the 06 cases.

The '06 motor will not fit in an '08 frame. Different frame.

wow I didnt know that.. I honestly thought they went right in, seeing how you can use the front mounts of the '08s on the 06 and 07s..

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