Coast Enrichener Circuit?

I have an 03 WR250F with a 290 kit , Q4 and power bomb,YZ exhaust cam, JD jetting and free mods. Runs really strong, maybe too strong. When you decelerate the engine keeps revving for a few seconds. Scary in tight single track. Everything looks good, the cable isn't hanging, it's snapping back to the idle stop properly. Would it be the Coast Enrichener Circuit ? It's my first 4 stroke trail bike and I love it except for this one problem.


Not the coast enricher. You are a tad lean on the pilot. The dreaded hanging idle.

Either the pilot jet has some debris in it (replace, do not clean) or the fuel screw is merely out of adjustment


Before you reply'd I did block off the coast enricher and it did help a bit. I will get a new pilot jet and give it a go.

If blocking off the ACV made a difference, then either the spring in it is sacked or the diapghram is bad.

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