sweetest deal ever!

long story short me and my buddy have been keeping our eyes out on these two bikes that our dads friend has had. and we finally made a deal with him to get them. about 4 years in the making. i got a 1970 or 71 cant remember what he told me ty 250 trials. and in exchange i had to put back together a 2000 xr 100 and clean it up and make it run so can have it for his cabin bike, also i had to clean out his back storage bay. sounds easy. it wasn't, took my 5 hours to clean a 12X20 foot space. and for my buddy he got a 175 ty. not sure on what year. but hes gotta buy him harley tires for his fat boy.

heres some pics



oh and my 250 it runs.



Can't be a 71, 74 is the earliest TY. Good score tho!

You should have gotten the 175, supposed to be the best vintage trials bike. Nice steal though.

Yea im not sure on the years we were kinda hitting the bottle that night lol

And yea I wanted the 175 but my buddy has known about those bikes for longer then me and he kinda had dibs but im still super pumped about it. Ill get it next week around wednesday I bet.

Wish I had the time to invest, Good luck with it!

good score:thumbsup: Get them going and have some fun. Do you guys plan on doing any vintage trials meets?

Nice...5 hours + some motorcycle tuning - I think its worth it.

Keep us up to date

very very cool- looks like a little clean up and they'll be smoking! I put the BJ racing spacer and Boyesen reeds in my 175, made a big difference. And the Domino throttle is nice.



I picked this one up from a tweaker in Seattle who was using it for motocross :smirk:

spent a few weeks tearing it down and cleaning it up. Really only needed a re-ring and fresh tires. Ditch the pump though, the Yamaha injection is terribly unreliable and sent way too much oil in. I just premix now. Whatever you do, DON'T damage the tank!!! they are unobtanium. I bought the only spare I have ever seen on ebay for $75 and it is TRASHED. unsaveable. And the lighting is very scarce as well. I added the striping to the fenders and homemade side cover that deletes the oil tank

I disagree about the autolube. It is very reliable and all they ever need is to be properly adjusted. Every one I have ever worked on, had too many and too thick shims in it. Set up right, the bikes barely use any oil at all.

I disagree about the autolube. It is very reliable and all they ever need is to be properly adjusted. Every one I have ever worked on, had too many and too thick shims in it. Set up right, the bikes barely use any oil at all.

Totally agree^^^^

Ok so I just got the bike today and had time to burn through the old crapy gas. It started and ran so thought id put around on it might as well. But I rode it alot and ran it out of gas lol. This bike is to fun!!!! But I found out that the bike has been pre mixed for a while. The auto lube was dry. So what pre mix should I use? I know my 69 dt-1B is 32-1 I believe and you guys said it takes hardly any oil. What do you think?

First order of business besides cleaning and stuff is new bars and shifter. On the bars that I got the wires are in bars its self. Is it hard to put them new bars? And where do you think a guy could bet bars with the same bend? Ebay?

35:1 is what I run. Same reason I got rid of the autolube. People can defend it, but from everything I've see it overoils or just stops working. Prelube is foolproof and weighs less and cleans up the tubing. You don't need as much oil in a trials bike, since yo're just putting along most of the time. I got rid of the wires in bars, because it's too easy to snag and break a wire out in the woods and it's harder to fix. OK concept, but not worth the trouble. You're going to want to become good friends with http://bjracing.com

That web site is just what im looking for thanks!

since you took the wires out did you just drill a hole in the housing unit for the kill switch and lights? I've seen that done on my buddys cb 500 and he even found a rubber gasket washer

To keep water from getting in the hole. It sounds pretty simple but is there a easier way.

The lighting wires I notched the housing on the underside and siliconed around them, and I'm running an aftermarket kill swich on the right side that I just ran the wires down the bar. You bend or break the bars offroad, you'll be much happier not having to disassemble everything to swap it!

Yea that's what I was thinkin. My bars now are rusty and already have a huge flat spot on the bend from being bent back and forth so much. I think if I tip over again I might break them lol. My buddy with the 175 found me some bars at his work (he works at cycle barn) there travis pastrana free style fat bars that are close to the same bend and height. I think that would be cool looking even though its not keeping the bike looking the same as stock but I wanna ride this thing and im young and broke like most people and can't restore this to new right now. Maybe when im older but for now I wanna ride lol.

I made a little Teet-r-totter (or how ever you spell that) last night and was playing around. Super fun and jumping log rounds and stuff. Can't wait to take it riding at my local riding stop this summer! Im pumped!

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BJ racing is a good place to get what you need. Good people.:smirk:

yea that web site is nice to know about owning this bike for sure!

i got a pic of the teeter totter i mad, kinda dumb but its all i had to play on lol

i wanna make a bridge with two log rounds on each side of that 2x10 might do that today.

again not that cool on the picture but it was fun lol


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