50 thousand big ones!

The Done Right hit 50,000 miles today, woo hoo! My first 50 thousand mile motorcycyle, it's hard to believe. Still uses no oil and jumps from 60 to 80 as quickly as after break-in. Now it's time to give her a rest and knock some steering head bearings in (finally!) and I think the original battery is in need of replacement. :thumbsup:

Congrats! I'm hoping to have that many miles in a couple of yrs. 15,000 miles my first yr. I did have two different small oil leaks, but other than that, no problems.

Had mine not needed a bunch of minor repairs like base gasket, fresh rims, spokes, brakes, wheel bearings, etc, I would have taken mine over 100k. As it was it was running fine in the 80k range but on a cross country trip last November it did leak some oil and I had to add some for the first time during an oil change. Had the leak been fixed it would not have been a problem.

Great bikes. I am tempted to get another one.

92,000km now, should hit 100,000 in about 4 months.


On my 350 I got 29.500 on the first top end. I'm at 32.500 now, the last 2k was all dirt!!!

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