wont run

i thinking about buying a 2005 drz400sm off of a buddy. it doesnt run but the motor was rebuilt only 800 miles ago and out of nowhere i guess it overheated but no warning lights came on. any idea what might be wrong and if its worth my time and money to fix it

forgot to mention its bored 40 over and i guess its got a stroker crank, brand new head and valves with only 800 miles. ran awesome then just started to leak coolant out of overflow and locked up. it now turns over but wont start.

tear it down , its the only way .

Over heating is very serious. Plan on $1500 in parts plus labor you don't do yourself.

since there is no such thing as a .040" over piston for a drz i think there is some "story" being told to you.

well not sure what size piston it is but he said they told him at the shop with the crank and piston its a 440. well i guess ill see if hell let me take it and look at it. and i can do the labor myself, so how much would you guys spend on buying a bike in that condition.

I wouldn't spend anymore than you would get by selling the parts minus the engine and probably less because of the hassle of parting it out.

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