problem starting my honda xl500r

I can start my bike once in a little while ,but most of the time it just gives me real bad kickbacks. it feels as if it wants to break my foot. Can someone please give some advice on how to fix this.

This video explains it pretty good. When he says to kick it over until the kicker stops he means you need to kick it over slowly, but not let the kicker go all the way back to the top. It will stop at TDC, but if you let it go all the way up to the top, it will activate the compression release and it won't stop at TDC. Also, make sure that the compression release is adjusted correctly. Good luck. Troy341

What he said.

I took the kickstart activated compression release off to avoid any confusion. Kick it slowly till it stops at tdc, bump it past with the hand release and then give it a full kick.

Do not give it any throttle if you value your foot.

With the auto decomp still on my bike, there is no need to bump it past TDC. Roll it over 'til the kickstarter stops, bring it back to the top and kick it over. No kick back, auto decomp lets you kick it right past TDC. You have to remember to do this every time you kick it. Troy341

thanks, i can now starts with no problems.

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