Ti axles on E-bay for $100?

The Ti grade is 6/4, which is what I would expect it to be, EKO Racing is a legitimate company. Unless for some reason your axle is grooved out I personally would never spend the money for a Ti one.

I'm certain it's the same (or similar) ti alloy we use for some of the aircraft patrs we make where I work. But that doesn't necessarily make it a good alloy for an axle application......

If a person could find a modulus of elasticity chart for various metals, you might be able to compare some properties of Ti 6al-4v to whatever our stock axle is made of. Then, you might be able to decide if it's worth the price & etc..... It is a spendy way to save a few grams or ounces of weight.... I wonder if the average rider would even notice that small difference of weight while riding from that one item??? :thumbsup:

But that is a very good price for a ti axle, I believe......


For those interested is this sorta stuff, here's a "general" kind of chart of shear modulus & stuff. It's not overly specific; just very general, like I mentioned. But it can give a person a slight idea of one reason why engineers consider what particular alloy for what particular parts.... Cost isn't factored into this, so take it for what it's worth.......

The reason I even bring this up (and th original poster kinda did, also...) is that while it is possible to make an aftermarket part lighter than a stock part, they're not always "better" or "stronger" than stock.... But if it's good 6AL-4V, it'd probably work out great. Again, that seems like a good price for a Ti axle.....


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Found a link I wanted to include....

I have seen them go for as much as a grand per axle. Axles are unsprung weight and a weight reduction here can have a bigger effect as apossed to sprung weight of the same amount. Of course I don't NEED this mod, but I want it. :thumbsup:

I can clearly notice a lighter rear wheel with a standard tube tube and aluminum sprocket. A lighter axle could only help. Unless it bends of course

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