I hate my PJ carb right now!

Here's the deal: freshly rebuilt 1993 CR125. I completely rebuilt the motor with EVERYTHING, all OEM stuff. I mean new crank, piston, ring, gaskets, seals, bearings, everything! Bike rips...when it's running right! I'm having running problems that I think are jetting related. Here's a little history (I ride in MA at sea level BTW):

November last year: 30 degrees, dry, set all jetting to stock (58 pilot, 1469 needle middle clip, 172 main, 1.5 air screw). Ran very nice. Also have the float height set to spec: 16mm.

Last week: 65 degrees, showers, stock jetting wasn't working. Ended up with 55 pilot, 1468 needle (1 richer than stock) at the 4th position, 170 main, 2 turns air screw). Ran very nice like back in November.

Today: 60 degrees, moderate humidity, same jetting as last week. Took 20 minutes to get it to start. Hesitant to rev. Tried getting it to idle because I need to see if my intake boot is leaking (cracking; just not sure if the cracks are all the way through. I'm ordering a new 1 ASAP). It died and took a while to get going again. Definitely wouldn't rev, maybe 4000 RPM max! I shut it down and there was spooge all over my swingarm and rear caliper! So it must be running pig rich!

I'm going to try messing with the jetting again tomorrow if I feel up to it. I ripped my right foot open on the peg from kickin it so much (stupid for wearing sneakers, but I tore my boots open last weekend).

Sorry for my life story, I'm just frustrated with this thing! Is this bike (Pro Circuit pipe/silencer and V-Force 2 reeds) that sensitive with jetting or is it just that the PJ sucks that bad? Today's conditions weren't very different from last weeks so I figured it'd run the same...

If anyone has any advice, please let me know. Also, anyone with a similar year CR125, please let me know your carb settings (including location, elevation, climate, etc of course). I'd really appreciate it!

OK, after a bit more diagnostic work, I fopund I was not getting spark. The same problem I had a week earlier! I disconnected and reconnected all wire connections and got spark.

Re-jetted the bike back to what I had a week earlier when it was running well. Sure enough, thing runs fine. The spooge must've been all that unburnt fuel/oil accumulating from a weak spark. Almost no spooge this weekend after riding for 2 hours!

Completely destroyed my buddy's 2001 KX125! Of course I have more $ into my rebuilt motor than he has in his entire bike. He's trying to figure out the bugs with that thing.

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