No Oil in clutch pack

I just installed a dyna ring and was having trouble adjusting it so I pulled the cover back off and the pressure plate is dry. No oil in the clutch pack. Any ideas? Yes I put oil in. Bike runs good and I have run it enough that if I had no oil pressure it would have made some kind of noise I think. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks Mike

On more playing with it I do get a little on the clutch, very little What kind of flow should I be getting? I can run it with the cover off and not make any kind of mess. I do have oil pressure in the motor and my temp dipstick shows good rise in temp. Any Ideas?

Thanks Mike

Did you drain all the oil before doing the Dyna Ring install?

Using the proper technique for checking oil level, does it show full on the dipstick?

Did you mess with the oil filter?

Being able to run it with the cover off and not make a mess doesn't sound right.

Did you remove just the clutch cover or did you remove the right half case cover too?

I drained the oil about 2 weeks before I got the dyna ring when I was doing a bunch of other work. Then found out only a short wait for the dyna ring so Waited for it. Oil level is correct put in 2 quarts then checked with the oil at about 180*.Removed the clutch cover only. The filter is in correct, pulled cover and checked. I get a very little oil into the clutch but I don't get a noticeable flow and the pressure plate is still dry on the outside.

Thanke Mike

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