2011 CRF 450 What did you pay...???

I paid 8100.00, was wondering what you all have been getting them for...????

$6650 OTD Brookhaven MS.

$6800 OTD Bloomfield Hills, MI

lol... after taxes i payed exactly 10,231$. i guess prices here in manitoba are a lot more expensive

$6800 OTD Bloomfield Hills, MI

Are you guys paying a sale tax..??

I thought I knew people...:thumbsup:

The best price around here would be 10K too. 8500$ in Duluth, MN, and then 13% @ border, over 10K still...

Come on. You should know by now evertime you ask how much someone here paid for a new bike you always get insanely low (even below cost) prices. Some folks even post sales slips when challenged. Don't worry about feeling inferior though - the vast majority pay normal prices based on region.

Good luck.

Thought there was already one of these.

Here in Georgia I paid 7600... I wish it was 7000 but I got over it, what a beautiful machine.

This dirtbike costs more than my truck or my sportbike.

yes - sales tax included

I paid no sales tax, I am in TX. Look on Brookhaven Hondas website if you font believe me, they advertise the bike for $6,799. I got a lower price because I bought a cruiser from them last year.

A friend of mine just bought one this morning for $7,100 OTD. In Georgia.

I paid $4.99 for mine only problem is I can't get it out of the magazine :thumbsup:

$7333.00 after $800.00 in Honda Bucks.

Maui Hawaii

I bought mine in October 2010 and paid $7800 OTD.

A 2011 crf 450r for me cost was $6,717 OTD

Dealer was in winter garden fl


Don't have a 2011 but I got my 2009 (like new with 5 original hours) for 3,800$ USD. Not going to lie that's pretty good

lol... after taxes i payed exactly 10,231$. i guess prices here in manitoba are a lot more expensive

that's everything for sale in canada man.. my brothers 08 was $10,500.

everything motorsports in the states is cheaper it's ridiculous.

$6200 but with registration and tax came to $6500 because I was registering for New Mexico.

Midland Powersports in Midland TX

$6600 OTD tax and all in Orlando.

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