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Honda JASO MB Oil, 450R Engine Side

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Good Read: http://www.thumperfaq.com/oil.htm

You are selling yourself short if you don't take advantage of the fact that your Honda TRX450R engine and transmission oils are seperated, and run a friction modified JASO MB oil in your engine side! This can mean better performance, cooler temperatures, and longer engine life through reduced friction between moving engine parts. (Run a JASO MA motorcycle oil or better yet a Trans Specific lube in your transmission side, so your clutch won't slip.)

So far I have only found three MB oils:

Redline- Note that Redline is an ester based synthetic which is unique in that it is MB, yet wet clutch safe, so you can run it in your transmission or in the typical engine that shares the oil between the engine and transmission. It does this with expensive proprietary organic friction modifiers (rather than high levels of moly), that do not effect the clutch! http://www.redlineoil.com/Products.aspx?pcid=13

Honda HP4M- Honda's own HP4M is friction modified with high levels of moly. This is a petroleum based oil, fortified with ester. (Not rated API SG, so it may not contain the highest levels of ZDDP ???).

Bel-Ray- This is a relatively new offereing. They don't state whether it is synthetic or petroleum. I presume it has high levels of moly. http://www.belray.com/friction-modified-thumper-racing-4t-engine-oil-thumper-gear-saver-transmission-oil

Just for the record, I run Redline ester synthetic in everything!

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