Yz cylinder questions?

Anyone know if a 97-98 Yz 250 cylinder will bolt up to the cases of a 96 Yz250? I thought I read somewhere that the cylinder angle was a little different. Basically looking for the upgraded PV and porting and was wondering if it was possible. Thanks in advance.

The 97-98 YZ250 cylinder head can physically be bolt to a 96's case. While the porting on the 97-98 cylinder head may have a significant advantage when paired with the 97-98 case, it does not constitute the same when paired with a 96 case. The porting on the crankcase is visually different between the 96 and 97-98 and may hinder any performance gain. The 97-98 and 96 cylinders cannot interchange reed cages as well as pipes. Both the exhaust and intake were changed on the 97 model.

Im prepared to drop the coin on the intake... I have a Noleen exhaust from a 97 yz that I would run on the bike. I wonder how much the performance would be hindered by the porting. Or if an engine builder like Mr. Gorr could make it work. Id like to get some top end out of the bike and the 96 cylinder doesnt really allow for that.

If I was a pro level rider that could rev the piss outta the thing all the time it wouldnt be an issue but its nearly impossible to gain top end on this bike without the bottom end suffering more than it already does and losing the monster of a mid range the 96 has.

I might have to mess with some different set ups on this bike to see what will work and what wont

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