brake pedal?

Anyone know of an aftermarket brake pedal for the drz? I went down today and bent mine. Really dont feel like spending over $100 for the oem one. Anyone ever bent theres back? im afraid it will just snap.

Sorry about the fall. You can bend the brake lever back without it breaking. Put it in a vise and use a lever to pry it back into shape. If that fails, just buy one off Ebay used. I see them regularly.

falls happen it was my own fault, tire clogged with mud then there was a wood bridge...spinning the tire to clean it sounded like a good idea until i was sideways on the bridge going down lol. At least the worse damage was the brake pedal

are the pedals the same on the s and e models?

they are different

S/Sm have extra tab for brake light activation

not sure what your talking about the ebay link is for the E model and i need one for the S.....

The E model does not have the tab for the brake light. If you get that one, your brake light will not work when you use the rear brake.

i understand his post and click the link. i believe he thought i have an E model and was asking about the S model brake pedal.

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