1993 XR650L valve adj/bulletproof?

So I'm just getting into optimizing my 1993 XR650L. After 10000 miles of not setting the valves (gasp) I checked them. They were all 0.001" above recommended. In other words, after all those miles they were fine.

Are these bikes always this bulletproof? Would it benefit me to tighten the lash 0.001"? I'm tempted to leave well enough alone. I know on the race car we'd loosen lash a bit to sharpen low end torque.




XR/XL/XRL are all more or less the same motor,,the 600s have always been pretty good engines and the 650L just carries that badge on. If the things not rattling and it starts ok then don't bother..Dunno anything about better torque with bigger gaps..

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