Thumpertalk app

I was cruising apple app store and saw the new tt app! Check it out


Other than pics not showing it's sweet!

It stilll needs a good bit of work but besides that. Smashing.

That's cool.

Is it out on Android?

AWESOME, yeah it may need a little work but we've been asking for this one for a while now!!!

Its cool, I'm using it right now...

Would be nice if I could see posted pics too but this is a great start!!

Thanks TT!!

Yeah there's no refresh, ***?

Is it out on Android?


Finally! When did it come out?

using it on my android rite meow...not sure if I prefer it over the actual screen shot.

It's not workin really well with the iPhone 3GS. It keeps having connection issues an won't work. I've tired reinstalling a couple of times now an it's still having the same issue... I like this app I just wish it worked better

Mine crashes alot and acts like it can't get a wifi connection. Anyone else have this problem?

Yes mine had connections issues too, I reinstalled it, so far so good...

Refresh button and pics it would be sweet!

Figured out viewing pics...

If you tap on the posted comment w/pic it will open into another screen with a the pic. Iphone4... :smirk:

thumpertalk works fine on my Ipad and ipod touch, but thumpertalk doesnt work on my mobile phone. everytime i try to login it doesnt login

try reinstalling the app...

It's pretty cool but randomly boots me off

Having connection issues with iPhone.

Tried reinstalling multiple times, still doesn't work.

I have had it on my Android X for about a month. Pics and refresh would be nice, but is still a cool start.

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