DRZ70 - What mods have you done?

So what mods has everyone done to thier DRZ70?

Post pics!

sell the bike and get a drz 110. there are millions of 110 mods

My son has a stock DRZ70. I've been playing with the carburetor and snorkel to get a good set up. I decided on a 20 pilot jet and a 60 main jet with three tiny washers under the needle. This is giving a pretty good result that warms up quickly and idles well. So far, that's the only mod we've done besides pulling the snorkel. I think replacing the airbox with one of the higher flow air filters is what I will try next. But for right now, this 70 has more power than my 7 year old really needs. It pretty much hauls butt for his weight and experience level. I still have the throttle limiter set to about 1/3 of full.

I just got my son a DR-Z 70 too. I am having trouble finding parts or info on modding it up a bit. He started out on a TTR50 which now my little 4 year old girl rides and he has a KTM 50 SX Mini but the bike likes to break all of the time so I needed to get him a bike that he can ride all day with little maintenance or aggravation.

The DR is perfect but would like to do up the little bike with some suspension upgrades and other mods.

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