Yamaha Wolverine or Can-Am Renegade 500


Currently, I'm racing my Honda Recon 250 in CRA hare scramble. I decided to buy a bigger quad and it must be a 4x4 one. So, I'm in the market to buy a 4X4, 500CC. I was thinking beetwen Yamaha Wolverine and Can-Am Renegade 500. What do you guys recommend to be a better option?


Buddy has a Wolverine, and it is ok. I like the concept of a hybrid sport/ute, but they should have kept the manual transmission like the old Wolv, and made it less utility and more sport.

Don't know much about the Renegade, except it looks like a huge top heavy beast. On the other hand, the Wolv looks like a more planted and stable design. Some like the cush ride of IRS (Can-Am), but I much much prefer the cornering stability of the Wolv's SRA. Wolv is considerably lighter.

I wonder if a Can-Am Outlander 500 would be a better choice?

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