More lift jumping?

I am mostly a woods rider. I have been riding more moto latley. It has been really fun and a good workout. I just had my suspension done and set up for woods. New springs as well. The bike is working really well for me in the woods and on the track. Now that I am hitting bigger jumps (60-70 ft) it does not seem to give me that boost to get over the jumps. I seem to hit them faster than everone else to make them. It is right on the edge of perfect. Should I accept that as part of a woods setup or will a few more clicks on the compression help? How do I address this issue specifically? I searched and found nothing detailing this.

VERY rarely does suspension have a pronounced effect on jump "pop" as you describe.

More often than not your just not hitting it the same as them....just a casual observation from years of riding and giving lessons.

I am open to suggestions. I rode a stock YZ 250 with stock springs and got over the same jumps more easily. The bike popped into the air in comparison. Maybe that is a bad decription but the stock bike jumped higher in the air. That is why I ask.

You need the bike to ride higher in the stroke and not wallow on the face. Good form or not, a woods set-up is not gonna launch like a MX set-up will. Your bike will scrub speed when you ride up a face of a jump from using too much travel. I found this to be true for me too when I ran softer than my normal valving for racing desert, my bike would scrub speed when hitiing large road crossings.Bumps are bumps argument coming, blablabla. From my experience racing desert, enduros, and some vet moto, I found a good moto set-up will work for the others too, however there will be a price to pay. Square edge compliance is different from rocks and roots to braking and acceleration bumps. I try to find a 1 for all set-up, it is very hard and always a comprimise. Your honest best bet will be to find another set of suspension and set it up for moto. This will do you way better and keep you safer too. My fix was to race an older bike,03 RM 250, of which I picked up 2 for less than I wouldve spent on a newer YZ250. I have the motors and suspension dialed for each intention, which works out very well. So, its not you, your riding style, or others being better than you. It comes down to functional performance which you already realized. Good luck.

It just got a baseline setup to try for moto. It is a little more compression damping and a little slower rebound. Not sure how it will work. I am at least making most the jumps clean, I just have to come out wide and not think about hesitating! I am racing offroad and doing training on the track, not raicng moto. The bike corners and goes through the whoops great! No complaints in the woods.

I'm thinking if you want more pop, you would want less rebound damping, not more.

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I like lots of shock rebound on the track... 08 YZ250. I am 240 lbs, but I run the rebound no more than 1-2 clicks out. 3-4 clicks out the back really hops around in braking bumps and it doesn't jump or land as well. I set my LS to 9 clicks out; less than 7 clicks really started to make the bike feel like a jackhammer and it didn't jump well at all. HS is set to 2 turns out, but I think that still needs some work.

So I think you're going in the right direction with increased comp and rebound. You'll know when you've gone too far.

I have some alternate settings to try for moto. I was told in general our woods setup have faster rebound do to the high frequency bumps in the woods. Lower compression and looser high speed compression to huck the tighter lower speed corners in the woods. That I need to go in on the compression and slow the rebound down on the track. It is working well on both track and woods right now. Just some minor tweaking is in order.

Just wanted to update. I had to add one click on the compression on the fork. Then brought the high speed compression in to balance it out. It took some work but I am very happy with the set up. It is doing what I hopped for. I can get over the jump that was giving me fits. I did work on a different technique to get over it as well. Dropped down a gear (way revved out in 3rd now) and pre-loaded a bit. The rest of the track is much easier as well, plus it works much better in the woods.

Dude you sound like me, there are a couple of doubles at the local track that I have trouble getting over. Seems like I'm always hitting my back tire off of them which can be quite scary sometimes. It's a sand track so traction can be an issue, and it can be tricky trying to get from 3rd to 4th and keep it on the pipe sometimes coming out of the I normally just wring it out in 3rd. Going from the Gnarly to the DEP pipe helped with speed since it doesn't die off up top, but I still don't seem to get as much lift (I'm 195 riding a yz250 btw).

Thats funny! Sand track and almost too much for third. I tried fourth and not enough room to pull it. Sounds like the same deal. Tried screaming third, fanning fourth. Nothing worked. Preloading on the face really helped. I think that one click on the fork helped my corner speed as it is a steep good size jump right out of a big sandy bowl turn. It also helped "set" the bike in the air which gave me more confidence. The bike feels like I can do no wrong right now. I am 240 on a YZ 250 also.

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