New Trailrider Club in Gunni / CB / Taylor Park


Last night at Gunnison Motorsports, about 125 motorized enthusiasts came together to form the Gunni / CB GOATs - the Gunnison Valley OHV Alliance of Trailriders. We believe the Gunnison Valley boasts the finest alpine motorized trail riding systems in the world. This group's mission is to first and foremost resist the closure of motorized trails in the Gunnison National Forest and the Gunnison BLM district. Founded in the spirit of cooperation, the GOATs will work closely with other user advocacy groups (especially mtn bikers) to participate in providing the best experience possible for all user groups of our public lands. Through advocacy, education, awareness, entertainment and trail construction/maintenance/clearing, the GOATs will work tirelessly to insure the future of motorized trailriding in the Gunnison Valley.

Anyone coming to the area or interested in coming to the area is welcome to contact us for more information. We are eager to serve as a resource for visitors to our incredible alpine trail systems. Please contact us at for more information or to become a member.

Keep the dream alive! :thumbsup:

Awesome! And Thanks.


I am hoping to do a few trips to that area this summer. Nice to have some local info.


Post some info on's General Discussion forum, if you have not already. That is a HUGE mountain biking site, with around 300,000 members and probably 40,000 active members, and thousands online at any given time. I'm a mountain biker and have been for quite a while. I am just getting into dirt bikes and once i gain some technical skills, I'd love to spend a few days around Taylor Park. Right now, I'd probably get in over my head there. I hear it can be pretty technical.

This is really cool of you guys...thanks!

Great work!


Keep up the great work hudsontard!! Many thanks! :prof:

If memory serves me correctly, I think mtn bikers gained a bunch of miles of trails in Taylor Park when they finalized the GMUG Travel Plan. We lost some.

I too ride mtn bikes and used to belong to IMBA, but they don't seem to want to work with moto advocacy groups much. At least they didn't respond to my inquiries on this. I suspect their reasons are political because I doubt that most of their members like moto so they won't work with moto groups, even though once we're gone, they'll be next. I don't think most mtn bikers realize how much interference we provide for them....I also don't think most mtn bikers realize that they ride a bunch of trails that were created by moto and some of it to the exclusion of us :smirk::smirk:!!

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