cooling question

so i have a set of new asi oversize rads on the way , and im wondering about coolant , ive read threw some different threads , and am wondering if anyone has used rc-20 ? it says mix 2-3oz to distilled water , says made for karts race bikes and mx bikes safe for all rads, i bought this a while back for a shifter kart , because the track would let you run reg antifreez ,anyone have a reason NOT to use it?


I have always used engine ice and never had a problem

I am with bob450, Engine Ice. Then forget about it.

I have always used engine ice and never had a problem


Ok , well since i have a bottle of this rc20 mainly used for karts , running extream conditions ,im going to use it measure temps , then drain it and use eng ice , and see if theres a temp diff .from what ive read strait up water works best , but does all the things to the rubber and metal that you don't want it to do, the rc20 does the exact same thing the redline water wetter does. lets you run water then conditions the rubber,metal

hell my eng has been dry for a month and 1/2 so my luck my seals are toast anyway:ride:

Ya engine ice is good...but damn is it ever expensive. But I guess you cant put a price on a cooler running engine :thumbsup:

i cant remember what the bottle of rc 20 cost but the bottle make two gallons, i dought it was more then 10 bucks so far it has worked great , i installed the new oversized rads , and i can let it sit and idle and rev it up etc pretty much as long as i need , and no coolent overflows at all , so i dont see a reason at this point to run eng ice for 20 quart

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