Glen Helen amateur results

Ok here I sit bruised and battered as the fog SLOWLY clears from my head from the Post GlenHelen Blues....

I won’t bore you with MORE details from Sunday other then the fact it was an awesome death defying track and racing as usual. As much as Jody Weisel gets bashed I must admit he makes a killer MOTOCROSS track.

On to the Glen Helen track crew for Amateur day racing. They made the sand section straight harder for the amateurs than the Pro’s!!! (What kind of sense is that?) This is what they did, (I heard from the announcer that day they did it intentionally): Dug 4 to 5 ft down flooded it with LOTS of water then put the sand back on top!!! You can imagine the results. There were no less then 10 to 12 DEEP ruts about 2ft. deep going every which way that made quite a spectacle, mostly for the fans that watched for the many crashes. I saw guy’s endoing in these nasty ruts and getting pummeled by their bikes. Talked with more then one racer who were disgusted and some said they would not be back as it was not fun. This is Motocross not the Blackwater 100 where off road guys expect that sort of stuff. The rest of the track was great; it’s just a shame someone had a serious mental deficiency when it comes to “Amateur Day” race prep. Even spoke with Radical Ron Turner who was parked next to us and he couldn’t believe they would do that.

I had a severely sprained ankle and woke up Sat morning to a very painful throbbing ankle. Of course I was signed up for two classes and there was no freaken way I could do four motos. Could not even stand on it and went to sign up to pull my entries, much to my dismay I was greeted by a “No Refunds sign”! Tried to give/trade my entries and blah blah blah…..

Went back to my pit (thank God for our pit bike!) and my buds were just heading out for practice, I was really bummed that I would not be joining them after so much time and $$ went into it. So then I just said to myself Fugggh it! I’m going racing with my buds even if I get smoked which I did! LOL So as I hurriedly put on my gear I had an ankle brace that made for even more PAIN as I forced my boot on my swollen foot!

I let out a scream and it was on!!!

Glad I did as in my race I had my longtime riding bud Jeff Arzouman in my sights and passed him with a stealth like move. Hehehehe That made my weekend and with my “steady” 17th place finish I beat him by one position! LOL

And yes, So. Cal is the “Land of Sandbaggers” as former ex-Pros are running in the Sr. Intermediate class, going real fast. What's up with that!!!

That’s it for now…..


G, I figured something happened when I read the results on Sunday. Sorry to hear you got hurt. How did you rack up the ankle, practicing on Thursday or Friday? Glad I didn't call in all my kitchen passes to race in that sand pit, maybe next year though. Were there any other AZ OT'ers there? What happened to Lamastus? I saw Spud got 10th OA, that's cool. Sounded like Ferry was moving, that's even more cool, he really seems like a hard working good guy!

BTW, I have some painkiller left over from my foot injury if you need it.

Get well soon...

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