1993 dr 350 gear shifting

i just found a broken bolt in the bottom of the engine. after a quick look at the bolt, i found that it is the bolt for securing the gearshif cam driven gear.

i was able to remove the broken part of the bolt and i'm ready to put a new bolt in it. But my problem is on the shop manuel picture, the stoper plate have 2 little hole that are offset from the bigger hole in the center of the stoper plate and i cannot put it in the 2 little pin like it supposed to be on the shop manual picture. I can make it fit in there but if you look at the stoper plate from the back, there a form that look like a star and one of the star leg have a half moon cut on it. like i said, on the manual picture, this part of the star goes down, but on my bike, it will only goes in if this leg of the star goes up ?? I never ride that bike, i just bought it and the engine didn't start. So i do a complete rebuilt. Is it possibile that the cam is not properly set up ?? I tried to turn it by pushing on the 2 litle pins, but it turn only about 1/4 turn on each side.

can somebody help me please ??

Ps: sorry for my poor english, i'm from Montreal Canada and french is my first language.

has nobody can answer me, i put the shifterback on and try to shift the gear by hand. It seem to work well. i can see the gear change from 1 to 5 with neutral between the first and second gear.

Did you take any pictures?

It would help a lot :smirk:

i think my problems was that when i put the parts back on, the transmission was in 4-5 gear and on the shop manual, it show the parts when every gear and fork is on neutral.

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