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broke the shift lever mechanism

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So I bumped my shift lever today off a log, didn't bend it or anything, fairly innocent actually..... then all of sudden I have no gears.... Stuck in 2nd!!! Shift lever has full range of motion, but no gears. So I rode whipped back to the truck, got home and ripped it apart b/c I am supposed to race Sunday (knew I shouldn't have got for a ride on friday the 13th!!).:confused:

Ends up that the mechanism that attaches to the shift lever (inside the ride side engine case, behind the clutch basket is snapped off. Lucky it just stayed there and did not so any other damage :busted: Soonest I can get one is Tuesday. It was stressed in like five spots too, so wouldn't have lasted much longer without the bump. Bike is an 08, going on 5 yrs riding now.

My Dealer helps me out lots, and had a used 08 250f that he hasn't be able to dump, so he let me borrow that for the race! :thumbsup: I threw my 18 and a 50 tooth and on it (had a 48) some grips and some handguards, some general maintenance and it's GTG. Actually seems to honk pretty good. I think it might have had some motor work at some point :worthy:

Anyhow, No e-start, No Rekulse, but at least 25 some odd Lbs lighter, should be interesting....I'd be interested in the trying an 11 EFI as well to compare after this race.... and find out if anyone has big bored the newer 250F's. Might make a really good off-roader??? I'll let you guys know and post some pics of the busted part.

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