north american piston suppliers?

Just went to atv unlimited's website looking for a new piston kit for my drz 400 sm. Now my head hurts, can anyone tell me which kit I am looking for as far as the bore goes. I have an SM model from 2005. Also, what cylinder should i get to go with it as I was a tit and let the oil run low and scorched the cylinder wall as well. I am a tool and I know it but need to get the bike back on it's wheels. any help appreciated.



I would go for a Cylinder Works bb kit :thumbsup:

Where would you get it if you were shopping online.

What is wrong with the JE piston kits. I've read the JE piston is really light, but does light make right. The are also inexpensive. Do people like cylinder works because of reliability?

Also, I found one that has a cylinder works cylinder and a vertex piston. Who makes that? From what I have seen the Namura piston is the one with the question mark over it's head and all others seem pretty solid.


if you pm eddie he should be able to get you whatever you need for your motor build.

Good call. what are Eddies prices like compared to other online shops? You're probably right though, he is the DRZ god so buying from him would be the right thing to do. thanks for reminding me.


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