frame painting`

Hi, i have my drz apart at the moment to fix the gearbox. While its in pieces i figure i should give the frame & swing-arm a freshen up. Im planning on using engine enamel (pretty sure eddie suggested a particular brand in another thread, will go have a look...). Now, before i buy the paint, will i need to use primer with it? I usually would, but no idea about the frame where it gets warm from the oil & not sure if you use it eng enamel either?

Also, would a light hand sand be enough, or should i plug it up properly and sand blast it (have a cabnet at home, not 100% if the frame will fit though.)

Any advice would be great... except for "powder coat"... i simply cant where i am.

Thanks, Tom

I personally would sand blast it and use a primer.

thank you

im afraid i'm not a fan of chrome... at all.

i was thinking more along the lines of red to go with my black plastics

i have sprayed many motorbike frames and have just used paint,no primer and its always been fine,others will think its not good to do this but the thing is when it comes to touching up the frame when you take a lump out of it etc it touches up alot better/works better as the depth of paint is only very thin and a quick flash of the paint you used to re-spray it will pretty much cover up the mark so well it wont be visible at all.

so what sort of paint do you use? reading the engine enamel can in the shop today- needs to be heated for it to cure properly, and im sure the frame doest get hot enough for that...

i used normal spray paint on my hondas xrs and never had any probs

don't go with is lame man :smirk:

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