yz 250 brakes

Hey guys I am finishing my rebuild , so I took everything apart inside mt calipers to clean it and then I looked how it all goes together I couldn't remember so I looked in the service manual and there is jack shit in there on how those clips go back in. The front brake has 1 clip and rear brake has 2 or its the opposite way around? Thanks a lot. ( its a 95 yz 250 )

The rear caliper has 1 clip and the front has two.

Look at an online parts fiche and you can see where they go.

ronayers.com should have a fiche you can look at.

I have the service manual... the fiche is the same drawing it shows 1 clip for front and 1 clip for rear without any detail how the clips sit or a drawing of the calipers taken apart. But i have 3 clips and cant remember how it all sits together, thanks

checked again it only shows 1 for front and one for back , I have no idea where this 3rd one goes please help out thanks !

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