2010 rmz 450 riders!

hi i have bought an rmz 450 2010 model

although no owners manual,

what i need to know is this;

in the owners manual what does it say about oil fill amounts for oil change?

and oil change aswell as oilfilter change oil amount to be put in the bike?

thanks alot!

Oil change 1 050 ml

Filter change 1 100 ml

Overhaul 1 200 ml

You need to take off the left engine guard (magneto guard)

drain plug, mag cover bolt and I allways take out the screen bolt and screen

you let it drain and than you put the bolts back in and kick it at least 10 times while pushing on the kill switch do not start it to get the oil to pump out, than drain it again and fill it up with the recomended oil than check with the check bolt to make sure it is at the correct level

I do not put the bolts back in I kick it with the bolts out I kick it untill most of the oil is out I wedge a top off of a plastic container between the shift lever and the case to deflect the oil into the drain pan becareful not to make a mess. Changing oil is kind of a pain

Hope this helps I bought a used 2010 and had to buy a manual it covers 2008-2011 it cost me around $70.00 from my dealer

Thanks for that.

Just one more question

When checking the oil with the oil check bolt,

How do you know you have put the correct amount in?


If no oil comes out add some untill it comes out, if oil comes out it is good. It says nothing about waiting for it to stop dripping.

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