Trettle updates???


Any news on Trettle it has been a long time since there has been any updates?

I've been wondering the same thing

I'm still confused on what exactly is wrong with him. I never saw an exact diagnosis but I'm sure I missed it.

Wow, still in critical condition, but stable. Poor guy, must have been one hell of a head injury.

From six days ago...

For the record, this is 6 days, plus 2 months, old.

I looked recently and couldn't find any status update, only news about benefit auctions/ride days, etc.

Thats great news that it sounds like hes going to have a full recovery, but its so sad that he has to retire from racing after just getting to the top of the level in the sport.

I know. Tough situation for a kid that loved to ride his dirt bike.

Wow giving up what he grew up on doing. :smirk:

Bet he's a good smart guy and sets his priorities right (to him) and knows what's good for him and what's not. Best of luck for him to find something he likes!

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