fork oil Change ?

So... I have a blown R shock , shipped out for rebuild. I have decided in the meantime to do a complete maintenance on the GG. all of the usuals, repack silencer, change oil, plug , change all fluids , grease all bearing etc. and realized i have not ever changed the fork oil... in 4 yrs !!! So i watch my handy dandy gg pro maint dvd... nothing really about changing fork oil(seals yes oil , no) So does anybody out there have a routine they would share with me, I did get from the dvd that i need 7wgt fork oil/300cc per leg, any other tips/tricks or things to look out for will be appreciated.(2005 GG pro) CHAD:cheers:

You should not use a volume based measurement on oil changes as the cartridge will still have an unknown amount inside it and you will/may over fill the fork. Instead- measure the oil level in the leg per this spec - you should have the steel tubed zokes on your bike.


You can get more old oil out of the cartridge by pumping it - likewise, you want to pump the new oil in and remove the air. 7wt is stock - many folks like 5wt for a faster action - especially hoppers.

Make sure you measure with springs out and forks compressed down.

Use a rag on the top fork nuts so you dont scratch the anodizing.

FWIW- The nuts to remove the top caps (looks like part of the cap)are under the PVC preload tubes. You have to hold down the spring/preload tube to get a wrench on them (I use PArk Mt Bike wrenches for this as there nice and thin as its a tight fit)

Thanks laser.. But still not sure if I need to remove the bolt on the bottom of the fork legs to drain/remove cartridge ?? or does oil pour out of top of leg ?? I know im being paranoid but and im pretty mechanical , but suspension is one of those things i was told not to mess with too much ... Chad

Drain bolt in bottom of each leg. Be patient as it takes awhile to get the oil out while pumping the cartridge. Some folks make a handle that threads onto the shaft so its easy to push/pull.

If the forks feel like they have a dead spot in them at the top of the stroke, theres air in the cartridge.


ALL DONE... Thanks Laser. WOW the crap( i cant even call it OIL) That came out of there was scary !! It was almost black , watery , probably not doing much good at all. Thanks. chad.

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