Can a 07 YZ450F be CA Green stickered?

Hey all. Was looking at getting a new bike...well new to me...It's a 07 YZ450F (geared and set up for off-road). Does anyone know if is CA green sticker or if it can be "made" to with little cost? Any insight would be great as the sticker is a must have for me...otherwise I am going to have to go KTM, not a bad alternative either...

Look at the VIN of the bike. Counting from left to right, if the 8th digit of the VIN is a “C” or “3” then the bike is a red sticker bike. No matter what you do to a post 2002 YM bike, if it is a red sticker bike, it will always be a red sticker bike.

youngzrt is correct it all depends on your VIN mostly likely the Yamaha is not equipped with the required VIN numbers.

i'm pretty sure you can't get a green sticker for it but you can always get a plate if your lucky :thumbsup: my buddy just plated a 08 KTM 250f

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