Fuel Screw

I currently have a MSR and do not like it. I want to replace it and looking for suggestions. Thanks

Flex-Jet. The one and only!

Put your stocker back in and invest in a small tipped 90° ratcheting screwdriver. Or I agree also with the flex jet that mounts to your carb bowl

Definitely go with the flex jet. i bought i straight one and returned it immediately the flex jet is more expensive but well worth it.

Im in the same boat. The fuel screw is too close to the starter and I cant turn it by hand. I should have bought the flex-jet!

R&D flexjet is the best.

Stay away from aluminum fuel screws, as they can break off inside the carb.

How often do you guy's adjust it? I agree staying away from the aluminum. Thanks

I adjusted mine when i put it in...and usually just when altitude or temperature really changes dramatically.

Flex jet. Only need to tweak it for serious elevation change, otherwise, I never touch it. The flex jet will not back out like the Moose one does.

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